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The course provides you with the knowledge & skill to do the following:


Collaborative decision making


Understand relationships and group dynamics


Resolve tension


Personal insight, development and sustainability




Personal insight, development and sustainability

Who should participate in the CoResolve Leadership Program?

Leadership is a broad word and can be applied in different contexts. In the CoResolve Participative Leadership Program a leader is identified as anyone driving a process to achieve an objective. Whether you are an executive, processional, manager, teacher, consultant, community worker or a student leading a project or driving a process, you gain from this program.

The course provides you with the knowledge & skill to do the following:

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The basic training

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The Personality Assessment: I Know Me (IKM)

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Group coaching

The basic training

The 2-day program is available:

The training comprises of 5 learning modules and is based on the Lewis Method of Deep Democracy. It covers background, theoretical understanding, diagnostics, detailed steps and experiential learning.

The modules provide you with the knowledge and skills to do the following:


Self-awareness is a vital ingredient in leadership, consulting and facilitation. The program includes deepening self-awareness through IKM and adapting the Deep Democracy methodology and tools to one’s unique style.

The IKM consists of a 2 ½ to 3 hour IKM questionnaire and feedback session. The questionnaire can be carried out with an accredited IKM analyst or typed and submitted online by the participant.

Both the interview and the feedback session can be carried out either face-to-face or on Skype.

Group Coaching

Participants have the option of 3 – 5 additional group coaching sessions.

These sessions:

Through sharing experiences and practice, participants trust and support one another at a level rarely achieved in the workplace. Group sessions can be conducted face to face or on Skype.

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Individual Coaching

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The Web-Based Platform

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Evaluation & Accreditation & Certification Process

Individual Coaching

Participants have the option to receive 3 – 5 individual coaching sessions with a specifically trained coach. Using the insight and awareness gained by the participant through the IKM, the coach integrates the method and tools in line with their unique personality, working conditions and personal life.

Coaching sessions are conducted either face to face or on Skype.

The Web-Based Platform

The Co Resolve Participative Leadership Program has a custom-designed web-based platform supporting this program. The platform allows participants access to the learning material, exercises, discussion groups and the ability to connect to other participants internationally. The platform will store participants’ IKM report, exercises as well as track their attendance and progress throughout the program. This tracking process will ultimately be used as part of the evaluation process.

Evaluation & Accreditation & Certification Process

Throughout the training there will be an evaluation based on attendance, the completion of exercises and practical integration of the tools. The evaluation is a combined process between the instructor and the participant and it is supported by the web-based platform. On the successful completion of the training a certificate will be issued to the participant by the Deep Democracy International Organisation. It is hoped that the program will be endorsed by international business schools and universities.

The Web-Based Platform Features:

And much more...

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